Wall Vibes is dedicated to empowering the ambitious individual's dreams.

Who are we?

Hello I'm Kevin. I am an entrepreneur currently in health, tech, and art industries. I love to try and learn new things so you can start expecting me to venture into other industries as well. For now I am doing okay for myself but not too long ago, I was still a waiter for my 9th year.

How it all began

While I was in College and working as a waiter, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It all changed when a friend of mine decided to try something crazy and create a game together. Since I had no clue to what I wanted to do in the future I joined him as a graphic designer. While I was developing the game, I learned many skills such as project management, programs, and animation. The game was never launched though and the team broke up eventually. During this time I was heart broken and I blame myself for it. Ultimately I figured it wasn't my skills or my learning abilities that stopped me from being successful but my mindset.

Afterwards I have delved myself into changing the way I think. I've read books from many inspiring authors and people who have succeeded in their passions. I took what they knew and the certain successful mindsets and put them into action. They inspired and motivated me to accomplish what otherwise was "impossible" for me.

Since then, I was able to create a health business to improve other's health and mind. I joined a phone repair business that dealt with soldering micro chips into iphone mother boards. I have also created a art home decor business.

Then I thought: what if I can create a business that empowers to achieve more in life? By all means I am not a multimillionaire guru that knows everything or have experienced everything. I have much more to learn and my goals are not finished yet but I hope, by empowering each other, we can venture through that journey together.